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Our Administration Contacts 
Mr. Bret Craynor, Principal
Mrs. Jamie Ellis, Assistant Principal
Phone - 801-476-5220
4350 W. 4800 S., WEST HAVEN, UT 84401

Counseling Information

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Phone # 801-476-5226

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Rocky Mountain Jr. High is proud to have a variety of atheletics for students to be involved in. If you are interested in viewing the scores for the different athletics the link below will direct you on how to find them. 

How To View Athletic Scores





Extra Curricular Eligibility


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It is vital that students do their best to maintain good citizenship and academic marks to meet eligibility requirements. Students participating in Student Government and Cheerleading must attain a 3.0 GPA and have no U's and no more than one N per term in citizenship. Students participating in Athletics must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no more than one U and one N or no more than two N's in the term prior to and during the sport. A maximum of one "F" is allowed. Two failing grades ( during the term of the sport or the term prior to the sport) will deem the student ineligible.


Our Standards Committee will review student records prior to participating in our activity program. If there are questions on eligibility, contact the Assistant Principal.