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Mrs. Nicole Meibos, Principal
Mr. Rob Lake, Assistant Principal
Phone - 801-476-5220
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Welcome to Drama! 

Please come support our RMJH Drama Students as they preform these productions this year.

Upcoming Shows 

(Link to Mr. Smith's Blog with more details on the drama class and upcoming events)




Vampires are our Friends

October 25 & 26 @ 7:00 pm 

$5 at the door

The vampire, Count Orlock (Justin Kirkland), is on trial for murder.  But hey, that’s what vampires do!  The jury, a panel of audience members, must decide if the Count is guilty or not guilty.  But what is more important, the truth and facts of the case or the fear of being seen as prejudiced against the vampire culture?  Vampires Are Our Friends! leaves the answer to this question up to the audience, even if it means their complete destruction.

To the prosecution (Logan Ursem and Julee Harris), he is a ruthless vicious murderer with a violent history.  To the defense (Kyla Braunberger and Tiernan Greenman), he is a poor misunderstood victim of society with a history of persecution.  To Judge Harker (Alex Clawson) and the court, he is someone who could taint its established political reputation.  What will Count Orlock be to you?  On the surface, Vampires Are Our Friends! is a sidesplitting comedy with quirky and fun characters.  On a deeper level, it is the embodiment of human weakness to choose reputation over truth.