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Mrs. Nicole Meibos, Principal
Mr. Rob Lake, Assistant Principal
Phone - 801-476-5220
4350 W. 4800 S., WEST HAVEN, UT 84401

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Rachel’s Challenge

Fremont Cone

Rocky Mountain Junior High

Rachel’s Challenge will be presented at Rocky Mountain Junior High, on October 5th, 2016 at 6 p.m.  The community and parent night is intended for Rocky Mountain, Fremont High, and Wahlquist Junior high students.  Fremont students can earn attendance credit for attending.  We look forward to hosting this event for our students.




Rachel’s Challenge – Community and Parent Night

Rocky Mountain, Wahlquist Junior high and Fremont High school

October 5, 2016

6 p.m.

Rachel’s Challenge is a non-profit organization started by parents who lost a child during the Columbine tragedy.

We had a School-wide assembly and the goal was to help students see the benefit of promoting kindness & compassion. 

The goal is to improve school culture by eliminating prejudices and encouraging students to choose positive influences.

We will host a Parent and Community night on October 5, 2016.  The community event will demonstrate the profound positive impact we have on those around us and prompts the audience to reflect on their relationship with their children and how they can positively influence their children at school. 

We will continue to promote the 5 challenges each month during character education at our schools.