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Overall School Policy Regarding Student Behavior 

  • Rocky Mountain Junior High School enforces a school-wide standard of conduct that reinforces strong character, community values, and self-discipline. Students will be warned and/or disciplined for any type of disruptive behavior which violates this standard.  Students are expected to abide by the following guidelines:
  • No Fighting—students are expected to keep their hands, feet, etc.,
  • to themselves.  Students involved in physical altercations will be suspended.  
  • No harassment or bullying behavior
  • Use appropriate language—profanity is strictly prohibited
  • Respectful behavior and good manners are expected of everyone.
  • Romantic displays of affection and/or insubordinate behavior will not be allowed.
  • Avoid any behavior that compromises the safety or comfort of others
  • Respect school property and the property of others.  Vandalism/theft will be reported to the Police Department.
  • Comply with all other rules and policies of the school and the District, and obey the law.


Identification Badge

  • Students are required to carry I.D. badges at all times during the school year.  In addition to helping to provide a safe environment, the ID badges are used for checking in and out in the Attendance Office, checking out library books, purchasing school lunch, paying fines and fees and providing student identification in the halls.   Replacement cost of lost ID badge is $5.00.


After-School Activities

  • Attending games or activities is a privilege.  Poor conduct or poor sportsmanship could cause the loss of this privilege. 
  • Students who plan to participate in after-school activities should make prior arrangements to be picked up after the activity
  • No food/drink will be permitted in the gymnasium.
  • The purpose of staying after for games or other extra-curricular activities is to be a part of the activity.  Students will not be allowed to be in unsupervised areas in the halls or on other campus areas during activities.  You are expected to be where the activity is being held!
  • Rocky Mountain Junior High students are expected to exhibit respectful behavior at school sponsored activities.   School dress code is enforced at all school sponsored activities.  Behavior which exemplifies good sportsmanship is always required.
  • The main part of the building may be locked during activities.  The building will be opened for a short period of time after the activity to allow students access to their locker.


The ROAR philosophy governs behavior at Rocky Mountain Jr. High School.   Remind   students that Rocky Mountain Grizzlies ROAR by being respectful, on time and prepared, actively engaging in learning, and being responsible at all times. 

ROAR tickets will be used for drawings for prizes which will be held throughout the school year.


On time and prepared

Actively engaging in learning



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