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Administration Contacts

Our Administration Contacts 
Mr. Bret Craynor, Principal
Mrs. Jamie Ellis, Assistant Principal
Phone - 801-476-5220
 - 801-476-5259
4350 W. 4800 S. WEST HAVEN UT 84401

Counseling Information

Counseling Website 

Phone # 801-476-5226

Fax # 801-476-5257


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Attendance Policy



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Closed Campus Policy
RMJH enforces a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without parent permission. Students living close to the school may go home for lunch only when parents have made prior arrangements. Students will not be excused from school unless they have checked out at the attendance office with parent or guardian permission. Regular attendance of the student during the entire day is essential to maintain satisfactory school work.

Use of Office Phone
Office telephones are to be used for official school business only. Telephones are to be used only to facilitate school business and protect students in case of any emergency. Students and teachers will not be called to the phone when classes are in session; however, emergency messages will be delivered promptly to those concerned.

Please call Mrs. Gochis at 476-5222 the day your student is absent. You may also send a written excuse the day your student returns. This excuse should be brought to the office. Make sure you check with all of your teachers for the work you missed while you were gone.