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Community Council Minutes


September 14, 2015

People in Attendance:

Ashlee Harris

Lacy Richards

Jill Sexton

Ann Kendrick

Malauna Anderson

Rob Lake

Nicole Meibos

Jamie Phippen


Lacy is going to take over as chair

Opened explaining we had 2 goals in mind for this year

#1 is to increase the number of students ready for graduation.

In an effort to do this we have hired 2 new math aides that are available to help through out the day

including lunch and options and study hall classes. As well as furthering the program of homework lunch

with the student advocate. An explanation of the homework lunch program was given stating that

students with 5 or more missing assignments will be referred to the student advocate every Wednesday.

She will then meet with those students and go over the missing work on Thursday and Friday and they

will have the weekend to complete those missing assignments. If they do not complete all of the

missing work by Monday they will spend their lunch in her room getting the rest of the work caught up.

Math aides will be in there to help students with missing math work during lunch. As soon as the

missing work is caught up they will be excused from homework lunch. Also explained that Mrs. Bowden

and Mrs. Nish are holding a den time called Launch your Freshman teaching them skills and good study


So far no teacher buy outs

Would like to use trust land $8,000 towards chrome books which are about $20k with the charging cart

We currently have 3 computer labs and laptops...laptops seem to be not as user friendly only because it

takes so long to log on and stuff

Questioned about doing a fundraiser for the chrome books…Ashlee and Lacy said they worked a

fundraiser for the elementary last year and raised over $9k…Possible Fun Run in the spring, getting

business donations…last year for the elementary they said they sent out letters to every business within

a 10 mile radius asking for donations and hand delivered as many as possible

Talked about how many times teachers run into problems with students not having internet at home. It

has been a problem for some and math is being asked to scale back how much aleks homework is given

because of it. The district is encouraging students to bring their own devices and use them for class

work when the teacher allows it. Some teachers still don’t like the students having devices in their

classrooms. Probably 90% of students have their own device whether it be a phone laptop or ipad.

Last year Rob worked on getting business donations which helped us to install access points in almost

every classroom in the school. Also used the trustland money to help pay for grad path the online make

up program for 9th graders. A copy of the budget is available upon request.

$10k used for PLC’s conferences for teachers and guest speakers

$8k for computer lab maintenance

AP Geography text books were bought, classes available went from one AP class last year to 2 this year

Sage testing was brought up and where our school test scores ranked. Some teachers had higher test

scores than others but as a whole our school ranked higher than the district average. Those teachers

with higher test scores have been asked to share what they do to prepare students with the other

teachers. It seems that the teachers who used the practice tests to their advantage saw higher test

scores. Whether it was just the student getting familiar with the program or the content of the practice

tests it seemed that it helped.

Ashlee then brought up the school crossing lights on 4000 S, they are currently turned on between

7:15am and 7:18am and they stay on until 7:28am and 7:30am…they went to the city council meeting to

complain about the lights not being on earlier for the students that have to cross that busy road. They

were told they didn’t want to run those school lights at all because of the congestion it caused for the

Quest students/parents. Have been talking to Nate Taggert at the district in trying to work out an

answer on this and have the lights on longer to keep the kids stafe.



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Closed Campus Policy
RMJH enforces a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without parent permission. Students living close to the school may go home for lunch only when parents have made prior arrangements. Students will not be excused from school unless they have checked out at the attendance office with parent or guardian permission. Regular attendance of the student during the entire day is essential to maintain satisfactory school work.

Use of Office Phone
Office telephones are to be used for official school business only. Telephones are to be used only to facilitate school business and protect students in case of any emergency. Students and teachers will not be called to the phone when classes are in session; however, emergency messages will be delivered promptly to those concerned.

Please call Mrs. Stokes at 476-5222 the day your student is absent. You may also send a written excuse the day your student returns. This excuse should be brought to the office. Make sure you check with all of your teachers for the work you missed while you were gone.