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Meeting Minutes - Sept. 12, 2016


September 12, 2016

In Attendance:  Nicole Meibos, Rob Lake, Lacy Richards, Leslie Saunders, Malauna Anderson, Christi Warr, Michelle Nichols, Anne Kendrick, Lane Gittins, Ashley Harris, and Jamie Phippen

First Lacy asked if everyone got email with minutes from previous meeting and asked for someone to approve the minutes, Ashely Harris approved and Leslie Saunders second the motion.

Mrs. Meibos instructed on where to watch the trust land video that needs to be watched every year.  It is at then click on training and then films

Summary of 2015-2016 Trust Lands Budget

We had an increase in the number of students on track for graduation. 

The amount we had set aside for buyouts was amended for technology updates because we were under full enrollment.

We did use it for the math aides and student advocate

We used $15,874 for math aides and student advocate

We had $10,000 set aside for seminars and training for PLC’s

We used $ 7,189

We had $3,000 set aside for general supplies

We used $ 2,304 for text books

We had $3,000 set aside for Repairs and Maintenance

We use $736

We had $3,000 set aside for the library to add to Non Fiction inventory

We spent $2,264

We had $2,000 set aside for textbooks

We used $1,749

We used $26,106 on chrome books, wireless points, smart boards, and wireless mic

We are a little under $10,000 to carryover for this year. 

Our enrollment numbers this year is 1,073 students and we are staffed at about 1,030

Our buyout and aide salaries will be about $27,000

This year we will have to pay for most student certification for ALEKS which is about $15 a student and will require us to use $4,000 to make sure our students can all use this program.  Numbers have shown this has helped raise our math scores. 

A motion was made by Mrs. Meibos to move $4,000 from Teacher Salaries for a buyout to Software to help pay for the licenses for ALEKS. The motion was seconded. Approved.

GOALS 2016-2017

We would like to continue to see an increase on the number of students on track for graduation

Keep Math Aides, Student Advocate, Apex programs

Also update technology / and lease agreements on computers

Increase electronic devices by adding 2 more sets of chrome books

Budget for this year $68,692 but with carry over actually $74,576

LCD projectors are going to need to start being replaced, the bulbs are no longer available to replace when they burn out.  Estimates to replace all projectors looks at about $20,000…hoping to see if possibly the tech would go half on that cost with us.

There has been a 65% decrease in bullying since 2014

Number have continually gone up for students on track for graduation the last 3 years

We are seeing fewer F’s….last week we were 2nd in the district only behind Orion jr high with 4.9% failure rate

Flex time we hope will help with seeing the continued improvement in students as Flex time will work on mastering concepts.  So far we are receiving good feedback from students.  Students seem to be excited about the fun options they have as a reward for staying on top of things.

We are hoping for better English testing scores at the end of the year this year, we have had so much turn around in that department the last couple years but adding a new teacher that has proven she gets high test scores from her students is something we look forward to seeing.

Math has seen continued improvement in the last couple years especially in Sec I math, which reflects well on our math department and the use of ALEKS

Science has had very good testing numbers the last couple years and while we have confidence in the staff that was hired to take the place of a number Science teachers that left this year they are big shoes to fill and a slight drop might be inevitable. 

Sped F’s are down 57% as well

The goal is to get all the bugs out of Flex time and then do without Homework Lunch eventually 

Administration put a lot of time and effort into deciding what to do with Flex time.  There was a lot of PLC conferences and going into different schools that had some form of FLEX time and deciding which would work best for our students.  A committee was created during the summer and they came up with ways to make sure this was beneficial to the students.  Math and English departments have been great to work with the students on mastery of content.  We believe next year the Science department will want to be involved with that as well. 

Accreditation is due this year.