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School Policy



According to Utah State Law and School Board Policy: “The student is responsible to be present in class and the parent, guardian, or other person having control of any such minor between six and eighteen years of age shall be required to send such minor to school during the regularly established school day in the attendance area of residence.” Students are expected to be at school in each class each day unless properly excused by their parents, administrations, advisor, or teacher. A student not properly excused will be considered truant.

Truancies may result in:

1. A drop in citizenship in the missed classes
2. Referral to the Administration
3. Suspension and/or referral to the District Office
Parents may excuse students for illness and/or family emergencies. When parents request to have their children excused for reasons other than illness or family emergencies, arrangements for such absences should be made in advance.
When your student is absent from school, a phone call to the school (801-476-5222) by you (the parent or guardian) will excuse the student for that day. When no phone contact is made it is required that your student bring a written excuse from their parent or guardian to the main office first thing in the morning on the day of their return. Absences not properly excused will be considered truant.

Tardies: In order to optimize the opportunity students have for an education at Rocky Mountain Junior High School, we feel that it is extremely important for students to be in class on time. Punctuality is a very important life skill and students need to begin developing this skill by making every effort to be on time, ready to begin when the bell rings.

Consistent tardiness will result in the following consequence:
Number of tardies: Action taken:
3 per quarter “N” in citizenship is earned
4 per quarter Parents notified that a “U” citizenship grade will be given for 5 tardies
5 per quarter “U” in citizenship is earned
6+ per quarter Referral to administration
Checking in and out of school: Sometimes doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and family emergencies, etc. cause a student to arrive late or leave early from school. When arriving late, the procedure is a phone call to the attendance secretary (8801-476-5222) or a note from the parent/guardian presented to the attendance secretary in the main office. When leaving early, only a parent or legal guardian will be allowed to excuse students. The parent or legal guardian can call the school ahead of time to have the student in the office waiting for them. The parent or legal guardian must come in the school and sign their student out. If a student becomes ill or is involved in an accident and the school cannot reach a parent/guardian, we will use the contact person you have designated for such emergencies.


  • Attending games or activities is a privilege.  Poor conduct or poor sportsmanship could cause the loss of this privilege. 
  • Students who plan to participate in after-school activities should make prior arrangements to be picked up after the activity
  • No food/drink will be permitted in the gymnasium.
  • The purpose of staying after for games or other extra-curricular activities is to be a part of the activity.  Students will not be allowed to be in unsupervised areas in the halls or on other campus areas during activities.  You are expected to be where the activity is being held!
  • Rocky Mountain Junior High students are expected to exhibit respectful behavior at school sponsored activities.   School dress code is enforced at all school sponsored activities.  Behavior which exemplifies good sportsmanship is always required.
  • The main part of the building may be locked during activities.  The building will be opened for a short period of time after the activity to allow students access to their locker.


Students who wish to attend a school in the Weber School District other than their school of residence must complete and return the proper application form to the requested school December 1st through the third Friday in February prior to the year of registration. Special needs may be reviewed without regard to the general guidelines. Forms are available from the schools or the district office.


Our schedule is extremely tight and class changes are usually very difficult to make. A $10.00 class change fee is assessed unless there is a mistake in the schedule.


The Rocky Mountain Junior High Constitution is the document by which student government functions. Copies of the Constitution may be obtained from the school office.


Credit will be issued each quarter. It is very important to understand that each quarter stands alone. Therefore, every lost credit needs to be made-up. All ninth grade credit earrned becomes high school credit and is used for high school graduation as well as scholarship applications. Any ninth grade credit loss should be made up during summer school, in after-school classes, or at the future high school. Graduation may be in jeopardy if this credit is not made up during summer school or after-school classes.


  • A dance is different than the stomps we hold right after school so we are reminding you of the policies of school dances:
  • Only current Rocky Mountain 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students may attend a dance at Rocky Mountain Junior High.
  • The dances will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m, unless otherwised advertised.
  • There will be no moshing or dirty dancing.
  • All Students must be picked up by 8:15 sharp!

Dress code will be strictly enforced. If students arrive to the dance inappropriately dressed they will not be allowed to enter the school.


Anyone who willfully destroys property through vandalism, arson, larceny, or who tampers with the fire alarms, fire extinguishers, or any electrical system will be referred to the proper law enforcement agency. Students and parents shall be held responsible for paying for damage to personal or public property.


Student’s cell phones and other electronic devices may only be used before school, after school, during lunch time, or passing time in the halls. Cell phones and headphone use are prohibited in classrooms, when using the hall pass, restroom/locker rooms, and school offices unless otherwise stated by a teacher/staff member. During classroom instruction, cell phones, smart watches, headphones, and other electronic devices must remain out of sight (in your backpack) or preferably on the classroom charging wall and in silent mode. Misused electronic devices will be confiscated and taken to the office.

1st violation:  Student will receive a warning the first time and must place the electronic device(s) on the class charging wall until the end of class. Device(s) will be returned to student after class. Parents/Guardians will be notified.

2nd violation:  Device(s) will be taken to office and the student will need to pick up from administration at the end of the school day. Parents/Guardians will be notified.

3rd violation:  Device(s) will be taken to the offfice and the parent/guardian will need to pick it up from the office. The device(s) will not be allowed to return to the school for a period of time.

Egregious use (such as in a bathroom or locker room) may result in ISS or other disciplinary actions as best suits the circumstances.

The office phone is available for student use to contact parents as needed. Although the above electronic devises are allowed at school, Rocky Mountain school personnel will not be held responsible for electronic devices that come up missing. School administration or designee may search digital media devices based on reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a violation of school rules or policy. School district policies, State and Federal laws regarding illegal content of electronic devices will be enforced.


In accordance with Utah State Law, the Weber School District Board of Education annually reviews all fees charged students for various activities, classes, yearbooks, etc. This information has been published and is now being made available to parents and students. Click here to view the Fee Schedule for the current school year.


Fees, as established by the Weber School District Board of Education, will be waived in accordance with the Utah State Board of Education standards for students whose parents or legal guardians verify evidence of inability to pay. Inability to pay is defined as those who are in state custody, foster care, receiving public assistance in the form of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Supplemental Security Income, or are eligible for free school lunch. Those applying for fee waivers, should fill out the appropriate form, attach required supporting documents, and return it to the school office before or at the time of registration.


Fighting at school or any school function will be cause for immediate suspension.


Students are required to carry I.D. badges while on campus.  These are used for student check-in/check-outs, check out library books, purchase schoolunch and to identiy students in the halls.  Pictures for ID badges will be taken on registration day.  Replacement cost of a lost ID badge is $5.00.  

Effective July 1, 1992, the Utah State Immunization Law mandates that student immunization records must be complete and on file at the time of registration in order for a student to attend school. Principals are asked not to enroll students who are not in compliance. A grace period will no longer be allowed. A person claiming an exemption to immunization shall complete the official Utah School Immunization Record with the required signatures, which must be obtained from the Weber County Health Department and/or the family physician. If you have questions concerning the immunization please contact the school nurse at the district office.

As of July 1, 2006: all 7th graders must have 3 doses Hepatitis B, TD Booster, Varicella or parent signature stating child has had chickenpox disease. If your child has not received their vaccinations, please contact the Weber County Health Department at 2570 Grant Avenue, Ogden, 399-8433, or your local health provider to secure the vaccination. This should be done before entering school.

Lockers are the property of Rocky Mountain Junior High and are checked out to students for their use.  Students are responsible to see that their lockers remain clean and in good repair.  They must not be written on, scratched or vandalized. Fines will be assessed for any damages.  All students will be sharing a locker.  Do not tell or show your combination to anyone. A $5.00 fee per student will be charged to change locker combinations. Money or other valuables must not be left in lockers. Rocky Mountain Jr. High is not responsible for stolen items.


In order to ensure student safety, we enforce a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave the campus without parental permission and clearance in the office. Students living close to school may go home for lunch with this permission and clearance providing they can make it back to school in time for the next class.

We encourage you to become a member of our Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO). The P.T.S.O. has an impact on issues that benefit your child. There is no better value and it costs only a few dollars a year to be a member. You may join at registration time or at Back to School Night.

Parents and Students may access Report Cards and Midterm Grades on their portal account. These are no longer mailed home.

Weber School District is committed to maintain “safe” school environments that provide to each student equal access to educational opportunities in a setting that is free from drugs, alcohol use, substance abuse, violence associated with weapons or dangerous instruments, sexual harassment, hazing, or assault and discrimination. Prior to the beginning of school you will receive from the Superintendent’s office the current law, board policy, and procedures as approved by the Board of Education. Please review this policy with your student.

Lunches can be purchased daily with cash,check or card in the office or online.  They may also be pre-paid for a term or by the month. Those applying for free or reduced price meals should fill out the appropriate form EACH YEAR and return it to the district office. Lunch/Breakfast prices are as follows: Secondary lunch $2.30,reduced .40 cents; breakfast $1.50, reduced .30 cents.  Students will be assigned lunch depending on their 5th period class the first day of school.


I. Purpose & Philosophy

Weber District is committed to providing a safe, orderly, and positive environment conducive to teaching and learning. The Board recognizes that dress and grooming affect students' behavior and that there are sanitation and safety factors directly related to proper dress and grooming. The Board seeks to emphasize the importance of school, parent, and student collaboration in encouraging students to come to school dressed appropriately for school work. The District believes that the student and their parent/guardian hold the primary responsibility in determining the students' personal apparel (including clothing, jewelry, bags, accessories, etc.) Schools are responsible for ensuring that student attire, jewelry, and personal items do not interfere with the health or safety of any student and do not contribute to a hostile, disruptive, or intimidating environment for any student or staff.

II. Policy

It is the policy of Weber School District to ensure students' dress and grooming at school comply with the standards outlined below. Violations of the policy will result in corrective action that will not exclude students from school and do not shame a student. While parents are primarily responsible for determining what is appropriate apparel for school, schools have the authority to address and correct violations of this policy where the violation contributes to a health or safety risk, or to a hostile, disruptive, or intimidating environment for other students or staff.

III. Definitions

A. "Apparel" means a combination of all clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, and accessories B. "Costumes" means any apparel worn to look like someone or something else other than the student.

C. "Substantial Disruption” means an interruption to the learning environment that is significant and/or impacts a significant number of students.

IV. Dress and Grooming Guiding Principles

In relation to student dress, school administrators will be guided by the following core values:

A. Students should be able to dress and style their hair for school in a manner that expresses their individuality without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming.

B. Students have the right to be treated equitably.

C. Dress code enforcement will not create disparities, reinforce or increase the marginalization of any group, nor will it be more strictly enforced against students because of racial identity, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, gender nonconformity, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity, household income, body size/type or body maturity.

D. Students and staff are responsible for managing what may cause them to be distracted or what they find distracting.

E. Students should not face unnecessary barriers to school attendance.

V. District Student Dress and Grooming Minimum Standards

A. Students must wear:

1. Tops that have fabric in front (covering the majority of the chest and abdomen), straps over both shoulders, on both sides (under the arms), and in the back (covering the upper and lower back).

2. Bottoms that cover the buttocks when standing, sitting, and bending over; and

3. Footwear that protects the student from injury.

B. The following is prohibited at school and school activities:

1. Clothing that intentionally shows private parts (nipples, genitals, buttocks) or undergarments. Clothing must cover private parts in opaque (not able to be seen through) material.

2. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items that display obscene, vulgar, or lewd words, messages, or pictures or are pornographic.

3. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items including attachments, or accessories that could be considered weapons, contain threats or promote violent conduct such as unlawful use of weapons (ie, chains, dog collars with spikes, spurs).

4. Clothing or attire, jewelry, or personal items that advertises or promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia.

5. Clothing that covers the student's face to the extent that the student is not identifiable 

a) clothing/headwear worn for a bonafide religious or medical purpose or when directed by health organizations are not subject to this prohibition.

b) Sunglasses on the face or head when worn pursuant to a physician's prescription are not subject to this prohibition.

6. Clothing, jewelry, or personal items that demonstrate hate group association/affiliation and/or use hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or other protected groups.

7. Any other grooming or dress that causes actual disruption or which creates a significant safety risk or is disrespectful of others' religious or cultural beliefs.

8. Clothing, jewelry, or personal items that include gang symbols, monikers, insignias, or other gang identifiers.

9. Any apparel or style of clothing that school officials, in light of the totality of the circumstances, and after consultation with law enforcement authorities, view denoting gang membership or affiliation.

10. Costumes or costume accessories, other than designated holidays as allowed by school administration.

VI. Enforcement

A. Students not in compliance with dress standard policy shall be guaranteed due process and shall be dealt with in a manner consistent with the procedure outlined in the school and district student discipline and safe school policies.

B. School administrators are required to ensure that all staff are aware of and understand the guidelines of this policy.

C. Staff will use reasonable efforts to avoid addressing students for dress code violations in front of other students.

D. Staff shall not prohibit or remove students from class for wearing attire that may be in violation of this policy; rather staff will report their concerns to the administration.

E. Students shall not be suspended from school unless the attire creates a substantial disruption to the educational environment, poses a hazard to the health or safety of others, or factors into a student behavior rule violation such as malicious harassment or prohibition on harassment, intimidation, bullying, and insubordination.

F. Violations of this policy may result in:

1. Instruction to the student to leave the classroom briefly to change clothes.

2. Parent/guardian contact or conference.


7:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Parents, if you plan on picking up your student, please do so by 2:45 p.m. All students except those involved with teachers are expected to be off campus by 2:45 p.m. All visitors to the campus must check in at the main office.


The district does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in its programs and activities. Furthermore, it is the policy of the Board of Education to provide a free appropriate education to each student with disabilities within its jurisdiction. Our staff is available on request to provide you with any further explanation of these rights as needed. It is the parents’ responsibility to advise the school district of any known needs for a disabled student. Contact the Weber School District Office with any questions or concerns.


The district strictly forbids any of its agents or students to engage in sexual harassment. Please contact the school administration or the district office if you have a complaint of this nature. Every effort will be made to keep the investigation confidential and to bring about a prompt remedy to any problem.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during meetings should notify Rocky Mountain Junior High administration at least three working days prior to the meeting.


Rocky Mountain Junior High enforces a school-wide standard of conduct that reinforces strong character, community values and self-discipline. Students will be warned and/or disciplined for any type of disruptive behavior or violation of this standard. Students are expected to be accountable for personal behavior and abide by the following guidelines:

  •   No fighting—students are expected to keep their hands, feet, etc., to themselves.  Students involved in physical altercations will be suspended.
  •   Harassment or bullying behavior must be reported to a staff member immediately.
  •   Use appropriate language—profanity and/or obscene language will be strictly prohibited.
  •   Avoid any behavior that compromises the safety or comfort of others.
  •   Be respectful of others.  Public displays of affection are inappropriate at school.
  •   Respect school property and the property of others. Vandalism/theft will be referred to legal authorities
  •   Abide by a strong work ethic. Attend school regularly and be on time. Come prepared with necessary materials and completed assignments each day.
  •   Comply with all rules and policies of the school and District, and obey the law.
  •  No display of public affection will not be tolerated and will be dealt with the same as disruptive behavior.


A student shall not intentionally do bodily injury or commit any act that degrades or disgraces any other person. Students in violation are subject to immediate suspension and/or referral to the police.


Parents and students have a right to inspect student education records, the right to request amendments to those records, and that personal information will be disclosed only upon consent.


Students shall not possess any weapon or any object that can be reasonably considered a weapon. The “Safe School” environment of the school will not be compromised. Students found in possession of weapons or who knowingly endanger the safety of another individual shall immediately be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency and suspended from school until a thorough investigation is made. Alternative placement for the student is mandatory until there is satisfactory evidence that the student’s continued attendance will not be dangerous to the students or staff.