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According to Utah State Law and School Board Policy: “The student is responsible to be present in class and the parent, guardian, or other person having control of any such minor between six and eighteen years of age shall be required to send such minor to school during the regularly established school day in the attendance area of residence.” Students are expected to be at school in each class each day unless properly excused by their parents, administrations, advisor, or teacher. A student not properly excused will be considered truant.

Truancies may result in:

1. A drop in citizenship in the missed classes

2. Referral to the Administration

3. Suspension and/or referral to the District Office

Parents may excuse students for illness and/or family emergencies. When parents request to have their children excused for reasons other than illness or family emergencies, arrangements for such absences should be made in advance.

When your student is absent from school, a phone call to the school (801-476-5222) by you (the parent or guardian) will excuse the student for that day. When no phone contact is made it is required that your student bring a written excuse from their parent or guardian to the main office first thing in the morning on the day of their return. Absences not properly excused will be considered truant.

Tardies: In order to optimize the opportunity students have for an education at Rocky Mountain Junior High School, we feel that it is extremely important for students to be in class on time. Punctuality is a very important life skill and students need to begin developing this skill by making every effort to be on time, ready to begin when the bell rings.

Consistent tardiness will result in the following consequence:

Number of tardies: Action taken:

3 per quarter “N” in citizenship is earned

4 per quarter Parents notified that a “U” citizenship grade 
will be given for 5 tardies

5 per quarter “U” in citizenship is earned

6+ per quarter Referral to administration

Checking in and out of school: Sometimes doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and family emergencies, etc. cause a student to arrive late or leave early from school. When arriving late, the procedure is a phone call to the attendance secretary (801-476-5222) or a note from the parent/guardian presented to the attendance secretary in the main office. When leaving early, only a parent or legal guardian will be allowed to excuse students. The parent or legal guardian can call the school ahead of time to have the student in the office waiting for them. The parent or legal guardian must come in the school and sign their student out. If a student becomes ill or is involved in an accident and the school cannot reach a parent/guardian, we will use the contact person you have designated for such emergencies.