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Meeting Minutes - Nov. 7, 2016

Community Council Minutes


Attended by:  Nicole Meibos, Rob Lake, Kathy Lynch, Jamie Phippen, Malauna Anderson, Christi Warr, Lane Gittins, Ashlee Harris, Sharon Bolos, Lacy Richards

Final report for the Trustlands is balanced and completed and available to view on the school’s website.  We paid all necessary fees so each student was licensed to use ALEKS

Boundary changes are going to be happening before the next school year.  We need a 10 member local boundary team to represent our school it needs to consist of PTA, Community Council, and Teachers.  Changes will be made effective the 2017-2018 school year.  The first meeting will be at WIC on 11/16/16 at 4:00pm the second meeting will be January 18th @ 4:00pm, and if necessary a third meeting will be Feb 8th @ 4:00. The first proposal is expected to be at the district March 1, 2017.  Schools are so far overcapacity a change is needed.   A new elementary will be the next school built and updating Roy Jr. getting it up to code. 

School Improvement Plan

We have added many resources to help with our School Improvement plan, Flex Time, Homework lunch, success 101, Study Halls, Math Aides, Co-Taught classes, and APEX

From 2013-2016 our school has gone from 329 F’s to 81 F’s a 75% decrease!    Between all these resources we have added to help students we also believe our Counseling department is stepping up.  They are continually tracking student's grades and meeting with students to make educational plans.  Our Math department has taken a new approach of you are not moving on until you master the content!  Our SPED department as well as seen a drop in the number of F’s given out to students.

We have seen an 80% decrease for students leaving Rocky Mountain OFF track for graduation. 

We have seen a 65% decrease in bullying

We would like to focus on raising test scores-with flex time and working on mastering the content. We are hoping to see improvements in SAGE testing.  Our English department has had so many changes the last couple years which have had an impact on our LA test scores.

Math has continually gone up and we are actually above the district average in math.

Science has been continually going up as well but again we have had a lot of changes in the science department this year and that COULD affect the scores but we hope not.

Next year we would like to go to a FLEX program like Fremont’s.  We would register students up for FLEX time quarterly.  Kids would be put in study halls as it is needed.  Other students that have a 2.5 or higher will be able to pick extra classes, or study halls if that is what they would like.  They will stay in these classes for the quarter and every quarter it will be reassessed.  This will take some pressure off some of the teachers coming up with enrichment activities and allow students another opportunity to take a class that might fill up faster than others like gateway or foods classes. 

We would also like to put into action next year Blended Learning.  Mrs. Meibos and Mrs. Petersen will be attending some junior high schools in the Salt Lake area and seeing how they use these classes.  Blended Learning keeps the face to face instruction for students but then gives them a portion of the class on the computer that allows them to move at their own pace.  They utilize the Canvas program in Blended Learning.  We will introduce this program to 7th and 8th graders and then if they want to continue the program in 9th grade they would attend WIC which would also help cut down some of the congestion at Fremont. 

Mrs. Meibos was asked by someone what any of them could do to help with these new programs we are looking at, she asked if they would just help getting the word around and talking to people to keep them informed of changes and explaining the changes.  Usually questions or resistance arises because people don’t understand.

Mrs. Meibos was going to check into the bus that was supposed to be available starting today for kids on the north side of 4000 S while the crosswalk and crossing lights are not working during construction.  Mrs. Meibos was informed that a letter would be sent our last week and the bus would start to run today but parents had not received a letter and the bus was not there today.  She was going to check into it again today.

Lacy asked if everyone received the minutes from the last meeting everyone said yes Malauna Anderson approved the minutes and Ashlee Harris 2nd the motion.

Lacey asked for volunteers for Chair- Ashlee Harris was nominated and everyone approved the motion.