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Meeting Minutes - Mar. 6, 2017

Community Council Minutes

March 6, 2017

In attendance:  Nicole Meibos, Rob Lake, Leslie Saunders, Sharon Bolos, Lacy Richards, Malauna Anderson, Ashlee Harris, Jamie Phippen

Harris started out meeting asking if everyone received last meetings minutes and asked for someone to approve them which was done by Sharon Bolos.

Mrs. Meibos started with Trustlands…the new system our secretary uses has had some issues so exact numbers of what is left right now is being figured out, but there is 31k left for the year that will go toward aide salaries and technology.

The Trustlands plan for 201-2018 school year is looking to be $101,800 which is considerably more than the 65-70k we have been getting. 

Goal 1 for next year’s plan is expected to be $82,000.00 and include

Salary for 2 student advocates and an additional math aide

Computer certification

Grad Path

Stipend for a teacher’s salary to do summer apex

Teacher buyouts to reduce classroom sizes

Funding for ALEKS…the grant in place only pays for 2/3 of the cost

Replenishing the non ficition section in the library

Updating technology

Department Needs

Goal 2

Replacing 25 projectors throughout the school should be about $23k

Mrs. Meibos was asked about the accreditation results and informed the community council that our overall score was above the national average.  The lowest mark was in technology which was frustrating to both teacher and administrators, but overall the score was good and we are headed in the right direction.

Mrs. Meibos asked member to vote to approve the Trustlands budget and everyone in attendance approved it. 

District projected our numbers next year to be 968 and we are currently 1060