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Meeting Minutes - Sept. 11, 2017

Community Council Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2017

In Attendance: Bret Craynor, Jamie Ellis, Ashlee Harris, Malauna Anderson, Leslie Saunders, Sharon Bolos, Lacy Richard ,Christi Warr, Lane Gittens, Tammy Warr and Rosalie McKinnon.

Meeting started by asking about minutes from last year. It was noted that the minutes are usually emailed out before the meetings for the members to review and be ready to approve them. Mr. Craynor stated that the minutes would be sent out for next time.

Mr. Craynor announced that on September 19, 2017, Superintendent Stephens will meet at Rocky with faculty and staff at 2:45PM to talk about the upcoming bond. A short video was shown explaining the bond.

Members expressed their concerns about the boundaries and which schools are scheduled for repairs with the bond. Mr. Craynor explained some of the needs at the schools. He answered some questions about Fremont High in regards to size, improvements needed, lunch room, auditorium, and parking.

Mr. Craynor said that the Trust Land Plan Allocation is $100,737.00 with $15,702.66 carry over and the total is currently $113,221.97. He reported that 20 projectors have been installed. Several existing projectors need to be readjusted and Mr. Craynor has someone scheduled to do the job.

It was noted that two advocates had been hired along with one math tutor. Mr. Craynor mentioned that several cameras around the school are not working and he has been made aware that the Trust Land fund cannot be used to repair them. He also indicated that the needed repairs will cost around $6,000.00. He would also like to get a few more cameras installed in a few more places in the school.

Everyone felt that the Flex classes were going well this year. The flex periods for next quarter will be determined by the midterm grades. Any student with a D or F will be put in a study hall. Study hall is available to everyone if they want to take it.

Mrs. Ellis stated that there had been a lot bullying going on this year. Most of it has taken place off campus but has carried over to school. It was noted that no cameras are allowed in the bathrooms or locker rooms. Racheal’s challenge will not take place this year. It will probably be next year or the year after.

There is a Community Night on September 25, 2017 4-7PM at Hooper City. Members shared concerns about the ALEKS Math Program because of the knowledge checks taking a lot of time to complete. Mr Craynor said he would speak with Mrs. Jackson about their concerns.

Chair and other appointees were decided on: Ashlee Harris-Chair

Trudy Sportsman-Vice Chair

Connie Brown-Secretary