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Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2021

Rocky Mountain Junior High School
Community Council Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2021
10:15 a.m.

Conference Room in the Main Office

In attendance: Bret Craynor, Andrea Kirschman, Cindy Pendleton,
Sandy Green, Dana Lamb, Karlee Little
Online: Leslie Saunders, Lacy Richards, Shae Robinson


Welcome – Bret Craynor
Approval of Minutes – Bret Read the minutes
Lacy made a motion to approve the minutes.
Seconded by Dana

  • Mr. Craynor
    • Talked about our current trust lands budget and where
      we are. We are looking good. Chromebooks have not been billed yet.
    • Mr. Craynor talked about our upcoming Trust lands plan and possible
      future needs.
      • Ongoing support of our Chromebooks
      • Teacher buyouts
      • Updating technology, New line Smart Bards, Tv’s etc.
      • English needs
        • Classroom set of novels
      • Lacy brought up the need for additional vape detectors.
        • Mr. Craynor informed us that the vape detectors they installed from the CTC have had a significant impact on vaping in the school. Vaping is down and all bathrooms are covered.
    • Mr. Craynor informed us of two new teachers.
      • Mr. Stapley in Science
      • Mr. Schriver for Health and TAP
    • Mr. Craynor talked about the bond passing and the opening of a new High School, Jr. High and Elementary in the fall of 2024.
    • Mr. Craynor asked for some help with parent volunteers for their accreditation review in April. They will be needing a parent committee for the accreditation team to talk with. There will be more information to come about this.
    • We talked about the Panorama Survey that will be given out on Nov. 19 and the community concern about how that information will be used. Mr. Craynor assured us that this information will stay at the district level and student information will not be shared outside the district.
  • Additional Business (as needed)