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Meeting Minutes - October 5, 2023

RMJH SCC Meeting
October 5, 2023

Attendees: Quincey Mogolich, Jamie Pilkington, Sandy Green, Lacy Richards, Colette
Erickson, Natalie, Stacy Adams, Dana Lamb, Cindy Pendleton

Approval of Minutes: (not applicable since first meeting)


  • Quincey asked for nominations/volunteers for SCC board positions. Lacy motioned to
    accept the following, Dana seconded. All voted in favor.
    • Lacy Richards, Chair
    • Stacy Adams, Vice Chair
    • Cindy Pendleton, Secretary

TRUST Lands:

  • Training video shared
  • Finances as of October 2023
    • Carry over $8005.02
    • New this year $174,207.90
    • Total for 2023-2024 = $182,212.92
    • Expenses - Aleks $15,069.60
    • Current Balance = $167,143.32
  •  Chromebook repairs have been budgeted at $5000
    • No insurance is offered anymore for chromebooks
    • Not all has been used in the past, but Quincey wants to keep this budget line to see what happens
    • Amended budget to $2000, moving $3000 to the online curriculum line to cover the increased cost for Aleks this year (originally thought would be $12k)
  • Goal #1 speaks to 95% of 9th graders having 6 credits when they move on to 10th grade
    • Same goal as last school year
    • We believe we accomplished it but the change to PowerSchool has made
      accessing 4th quarter data impossible
  • Goal #2 speaks to increase in RISE scores by 1%
    • Same goal as last year
    • We met this goal
    • ELA Scores - 7th grade increased 6%, 8th grade increased 2%
    • Math Scores - 7th grade increased 1%, 8th grade 20%
    • Science Scores - 7thh grade increased 7%, 8th grade 7%
    • Concern about counselors for next year
    • State recommends one counselor per 350 students, but districts have flexibility
    • Quincey is concerned that with the projected decrease in enrollment for next year, that the district might take away one of our 3 counselors and she wants to maintain a minimum of 3
    • Ideal would be to have salary for 1.5 counselors included in TRUST budget just in case district won’t cover the third.
      • Could fit under Goal 1
      • Might be a better fit with TSSA goal #2, which is where there is budgeted salary for a Mental Health Specialist
      • The counselor salary would be better on the TRUST budget due to it being a larger sum
      • Discussion: Plan for next year’s goals to not be the same on both TRUST and TSSA and make certain to include the 1.5 counselor salary
    • Quincey would like to keep as much money to roll over for next year as possible, again due to the decrease in students and the uncertainties that will bring
    • Rules allow for 15% roll-over on both TRUST and TSSA
    • A one time roll-over of more that 15% is usually not penalized

Additional Business:

  • Panorama Survey
    • The first survey will be administered next week (school climate survey)
    • Focus on school climate
    • Very useful tool for our school administrators, counselors, and teaches
    • At this point only 7 students have opted out
  • A/B Day Schedule Change
    • Mountain View Junior High will be opening with an A/B day schedule with 4 classes each day. This is a pilot program for Weber School District.
    • Quincey would like to offer Rocky Mountain as a pilot for an established school switching to A/B day schedule
    • Since the 2 jr highs are the biggest contributors to West Field, it would make the students’ opportunities more equitable as students would be coming into high school with the same opportunity to bring 8 credits with them
    • There may be issues with the MOU with the Union since the teachers would now be getting 90 minutes of prep per day instead of 45 minutes, but this could be mitigated by PLC and district responsibilities
    • RMJH has been so overwhelmed with its high student population, that this would be an ideal time to make the switch since even if it is hard, it will not feel as burdensome to the teachers as the last 5 years have
    • The school board is unsure if the community is ready for junior high to switch to A/B day schedule
      • SCC believes the community is ready
      • Recommended to contact our school board representatives or President Paul Widdison and convey that to them
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Discussion for SCC that it feels like teachers do no want parents to come unless their child is failing
    • Google Meet scheduling is a great tool in making conferences more accessible to parents
    • A designated walk-in time would be nice for those who only need a minute or two to see the teacher
  • Email
    • The district seems to have tightened its email filter this year and many parent emails are being sent to spam folders
    • This is something to make teachers aware of so that they check that folder more and parents to be aware of in case they do not hear back from teachers
  • Boundary Discussion
    • Proposal #1 was accepted for West Field High’s boundaries
    • Proposal #2 was accepted for Mountain View Junior’s boundaries
    • Declaration of which school students will attend has been delayed due to UHSAA rules and believed that students will declare by Thanksgiving

Meeting Adjourned
Next Meeting scheduled for November 2 at 2 pm