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Meeting Minutes - February 1, 2024

RMJH SCC Meeting
February 1, 2024

Attendees: Quincey Mogolich, Sandy Green, Stacy Adams, Dana Lamb, Cindy Pendleton, Colette Erickson, Jamie Pilkington

Approval of Minutes: Dana motioned to approve, Colette seconded

TRUST Lands:
● Balance as of February 1, 2024 - $167,143.32

○ Things should hit this budget this month

● Previously Goal #1 was the same for both Trust Lands and TSSA, we are changing that
● Trust Goal #1 focuses on 95% of 9th graders transition to high school with all their core credits

○ Previously goal was for transitioning with 6 credits
○ Focusing on the 4 core credits is more important than any electives
○ Reduced expected budget by 30% reflecting the expected decrease in students

● Trust Goal #2 focuses on testing and implementing technology (Chromebook funds)

○ Not changing except reducing expected budget by 30% to reflect decrease in
student numbers

TSSA Funds:
● Balance as of February 2, 2024 - $219,999.95
● Goal #1 needs to be changed so it is not the same at Trust Goal #1
● Proposed Goal #1 focuses on 90% of all students passing core classes and the means to make that happen

○ Currently there is enough FTE to cover all the buy-outs for teachers, but next year the FTE will be reduced and there will not be enough. Funding for any needed buy-outs could come from this goal. (26 students = 1 FTE)
○ Suggestions to accomplish this goal include co-taught math and english, possibly co-taught science 7, aides, math labs, advocates
○ Reduction in student numbers will mean Rocky will not be able to justify 3 counselors next year. Our goal is to keep the 3 student advocates and possibly hire a 4th to help fill that gap/need in different ways. The fourth advocate could possibly help with the vaping/ISS situation at school in various capacities.

● Proposed Goal #2 focuses on Mental Health Specialist and is not changing

Proposed Goals for 24-25:
● Dana proposed, Sandy seconded that SCC approve TRUST Goals #1 and # 2 as well as TSSA Goal #2, all the 30% budget reduction based on decrease in students next year. SCC voted in favor.
● Dana proposed, Sandy seconded that SCC approve the general focus of TSSA Goal #1 and the 30% budget reduction. We will finalize the wording at our March meeting. SCC voted in favor.

Additional Business:
● Coach Lamb will be honored at February School Board Meeting with the “I Love Teaching” Award
● March 7 will CTC Career Day - half the day

○ 7th graders will get hands-on career focused activities
○ 8th graders will be taught about career paths
○ 9th graders will use You Science to discuss offerings with high school teachers. They will register for their classes the next day.

● Mountain View and Rocky Mountain are still possibly going to be on the A/B day schedule but are still waiting to hear final school board approval.
● School is working on an environment of grace surrounding non-habitual tardies, especially in relation to using the restroom.

○ Teachers have been asked not to use hall passes as extra credit
○ Teachers have been asked to allow without a tardy students to arrive in class before the bell, put down their belongings, and let the teacher know they are running to the restroom.

● Staffing will need to decrease due to reduced student numbers next year. Many of the issues have been resolved by teachers getting jobs at the new schools. Numbers will be re-evaluated in March/April to see what additional changes need to be made.

Meeting Adjourned
Next Meeting scheduled for March 7, at 2 pm